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History of the club

Rotaract club of Klaipėda movement started in 1996, when active academic and working youth develeped thier sense of  responsibility, humanity, to be surrounded by other the same broad-minded people in town. For this reason, Rotaract club of Klaipėda was created. However, growing members of club, they began working on projects that divided people into groups with different strong views.

In February 2000, one active group of Rotaract held their first convention in Old Town in Klaipėda. The  actives members of group was: Danas Bagdonas, Laurynas Bartkevičius, Andrius Burba, Mindaugas Genys, Goda Grigaitytė, Agnė Jankauskaitė, Šarūnė Juškevičiūtė, Kristupas Šliogeris, Šarūnė Melnikaitytė, Aidas Sindaras, Inga Šilgalienė, Vaida Valančiauskaitė, Gabrielė Vasiliauskaitė, Jurga Vasiliauskaitė. They decided to change the name of Rotaract to „Senamiesčio“Rotaract club of Klaipėda. On the 7 of February, the club elected leaders and established regulations.

The basic supporter became Rotary club of Klaipėda.

The club was officially registered with the Klaipeda City Municipality Council Decision of 20 March 2000. The club was growing and growing then it was getting similar to other Rotary clubs.  In June, 2000 , The first project was organized by the Children's Defense Day celebrations. Children had an opportunity to visit free of charge and play music in the center of the cinema "Žemaitija”. At the end of the month, children‘s home of Mosėdžiai and Barstyčiai were organized trip to the Maritime Museum and Dolphinarium, Juodkrant and Nida. At the same time, club started the project to help disabled children to communicate with society, giving them presents – new computers.

These and other of Klaipeda Rotaract club activities, projects have been evaluated and recognized by the international community of Rotary. On 27th September 2006, it was held inauguration of the club, throughout the ceremony members of club had to introduce themselves and their activities to the guests of the Rotary District No. 1460 Lithuania Rotary and Rotaract members of clubs.


Comming birthdays

  • 10.02Jadvyga Žavrid
  • 10.08Andrius Barniškis


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